In 2019, if you wish to be an in-demand expert in the realm of cybersecurity, there are specific skills that are imperative. Without each of these abilities, you will not be able to combat the techniques used by the ever-inventive army of cyberthieves who are eager to steal sensitive data from online entities or get money out of them though ransomware attacks. If you’re going to be serious about a career in cybersecurity, level up your skills in each of these areas:


Build a Well-Rounded Skill Set

The more skills you compile in the world of cybersecurity and data breach prevention, the better situated you will be to land a spot with the company of your choice. If you want to be seen as eminently hirable, then you should be versed in the areas of access management, network, and IoT security, penetration testing, and more. Our newest certification, The Certified Internet of Things Security Practitioner certification, will help develop your skill sets and certify your capabilities for any potential employer.


The Ability to Think Like a Cybercriminal

It is often said that if you want to catch a thief, then you should hire a thief. While you don’t need to go so far as to become a cybercriminal yourself, it helps if you have the ability to think in the same way that one would. If you can put yourself in the mindset of someone who is trying to break into the networks that you are trying to protect, then you’ll be better able to understand what vulnerabilities there are. It is better to take preventative action first rather than to try and clean up the damage after a successful attack has already occurred.


Programming Abilities

There is no doubt that the better skilled you are in the area of programming, the better cybersecurity specialist you will be. That means you should know languages like Shell, Perl, Java, PHP, C, and C++, to name a few. You should also know about networking, virtualization software, management of operating systems, administration, and system architecture.


Malware Reversal Skills

Malware is one of the most serious issues you can face as a cybersecurity analyst or consultant, and it is not always possible to prevent it even with multiple safeguards in place. Companies that are the victims of malware must quickly take steps to recover from the intrusion, and if you’re able to help such business entities make a speedy recovery following an attack, your services will be in high demand. Malware analysis and reversal is something of which only the most skilled cybersecurity experts are capable, so if you can do it, then you’re going to be able to command an impressive salary.

Cybersecurity specialists should also know about intrusion detection, risk analysis and mitigation, cloud security, and more. The longer and more extensive your resume, the more prestigious of a position you can attain, and this field is only growing. If you find that you have the enthusiasm and aptitude for it, you should be able to build a career for yourself in this industry with minimal difficulty.