This article was submitted by Moat Academy’s Principal Consultant Abiola Ilupeju. 


Just as MOAT provides security and ornaments when built around a castle, we at Moat Academy help to beautify and secure businesses using Information Technology; one of our aims as an organization is to improve the quality of software being developed and raising technical capabilities. First, we established a coding bootcamp where we raise software developers who will inculcate globally accepted best practices in software development. Secondly, we set up a Secure Coding Boot camp where software professionals can hone their craft in the area of security and privacy, and gain working knowledge and practical skills they can apply in their workplace. To this, we have partnered with CertNexus, with its mission of closing the emerging tech global skills gap towards our participants becoming Cyber Secure Coders ®, a certification designed to validate the knowledge and skills required to design and develop protected applications.