This article was submitted by the Director of Renao International Rinku Vij. 


Renao International is the first edutech venture of two enterprising women, who epitomize diversity in their life experiences. The company has been founded in 2021 in South Africa, to respond to the current and upcoming challenges being faced by the economy. In partnership with Tyche Dubai and CertNexus US, Renao International aims to bring core competencies required for the new economy Industries, at the doorsteps of the African continent. Renao has great ambitions for Africa and aims to become a leading player in the Digital Economy space over the next decade. 


Sandra and I had been exploring different options to set up our venture when we came across the Certnexus Opportunity in July, which got us excited. We could see us rolling our eyes envisioning the future for African women benefiting from the emerging technology skills. The past several months of our journey have been full of challenges and excitement. Signing our CertNexus ATP agreement sent us back to school. Having played homemakers for the umpteen years it was time to relearn the tools I had picked up as part of my master’s in computer applications. For Sandra, it was an entirely new world, and she was like an Alice in the wonderland (and still is 😊). We have made giant strides since then including: 


  • Launching the E-Learning bouquet of courses 
  • Launching the Virtual Instructor led training programs 
  • Launching the Corporate program 


In Africa, we face challenges on multiple fronts including lack of awareness of emerging technologies as well as affordable trainers in these areas. This led to us starting a series of opinion pieces in the largest local newspaper as well as initiating discussions on our India operations to benefit from the large talent pool available. We are also exploring different options to penetrate into the rigid corporate training market in South Africa as well as developing a social media strategy to tap into the retail market. The fact that these certifications are not recognized in the local market also creates a challenge and we are working with CertNexus to fix that. As we wade through these challenges, we are optimistic about turning the tide in 2022 and finding our growth model. 


We want our story to be an inspiration to all young African women to embrace technology. We endeavour to create programs starting from basics of computing leading up-to advanced certifications offered by CertNexus. 


CertNexus team has been extremely helpful in our journey so far and we look forward to further strengthening our partnership in the years to come.