Become a CertNexus Authorized Instructor

CertNexus has established the CertNexus Authorized Instructor (CAI) program to recognize instructors who are prepared to lead CertNexus training programs in-person or virtually. CertNexus Authorized Instructors are credentialed professionals, either individuals or affiliated with CertNexus Authorized Training Partners (ATP). They are recognized for their CertNexus product proficiency, understanding and knowledge, and their instructional skills in delivering CertNexus programs using CertNexus Authorized Training Curriculum. CertNexus Authorized Instructors have the product knowledge needed to meet industry standards and lead courses in instructional settings.

All details related to CertNexus Authorized Instructor (CAI) are elaborated in the CAI Program Guide. We look forward to partnering with all interested instructors to bridge the growing emerging tech skills gap and provide individuals with pathways to rewarding careers.

CertNexus Authorized Instructor (CAI) Criteria   

The criteria for becoming a CertNexus Authorized Instructor are listed below:

  • Current validated certification in the CertNexus THINK (CyberSAFE, AIBIZ, GenAIBIZ, DSBIZ, IoTBIZ, and IRBIZ), BUILD or SECURE Program(s) (CAIP, CDSP, CEET, CFR, CIoTP, CIoTSP, and CSC) candidate is applying for.
  • Demonstrated instructor experience and teaching skills proven by holding MCCT, MCT or similar certification from another vendor, or a letter from an academic institution confirming instructor experience and teaching skills. If none of these apply to you, please email us at
  • Teaches official CertNexus courses only using CertNexus Authorized Training Curriculum.
  • Agrees to sign the Instructor Agreement upon approval.
  • Must keep a valid current certification for the latest version of the CertNexus programs which instructor delivers.

Application procedure  

The application procedure for all interested instructors desiring to apply to become a CertNexus Authorized Instructor is explained as follows:

  • Phase 1 – Application: Interested instructors can begin their application by filling in the CertNexus Authorized Instructor Application Form. After submitting the Application form, a copy will be emailed to the email address provided. In addition to submitting the Application form, an email with the required attachments should be sent to with “Authorized Instructor Application – name and surname” in the subject field.
  • Phase 2 – Review: All CAI applications are subject to review. Upon review of applicant’s qualifications, CertNexus may contact the applicants to provide additional information. The approval process itself may take up to fifteen business days.
  • Phase 3 – Pre – Approval: Upon the successful review and validating all CAI criteria are met, the applicant will receive confirmation for the pre-approval and will be requested to sign the CAI Agreement.
  • Phase 4 – Approval: Upon the signing of the CAI Agreement, the applicants will receive confirmation for the approval and will be awarded CAI status and the CAI badge.

    CAI Benefits 

    All CertNexus Authorized Instructors, upon their approval, are entitled to an access to the following benefits:

    • CertNexus Authorized Instructor badge
    • CertNexus Authorized Instructor community access
    • Discounted prices for Instructor course bundles for all CertNexus programs
    • Possibility to be engaged as a freelance/independent instructor through CertNexus / Logical Operations
    • CertNexus Authorized Instructor Impact points program

    To find out more about the CertNexus Authorized Instructor please review the CAI Program Guide or email us at