CertNexus has launched the industry’s first vendor-neutral certification for professionals concerned with ethics in technology on Coursera, the world’s leading online learning platform. The Certified Ethical Emerging Technologist (CEET) Professional Certificate uses the engagement and depth of the Coursera platform to teach practitioners how to apply technology ethics within emerging data-driven technology fields such as artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and data science while preparing individuals for the CEET certification exam.

According to PwC’s 22nd Global CEO Survey, 85% of CEOs admitted that AI will change their business practices in the next five years, and 84% said AI decisions must be explainable to be trusted. Data Ethicists, and other professionals responsible for the ethical use of data, will need to design solutions to prevent autonomous and intelligent systems using technologies like AI from perpetuating messages that may propagate bias or cause harm.

“We knew that to fulfill the mission of CEET it required a partner trusted globally within the world of data-driven technology education,” said Jeff Felice, President of CertNexus. “Coursera not only reaches the most professionals focused on emerging tech but also provides for the deepest online learning experience for those preparing for industry-aligned certifications and job readiness.”

CEET, grounded in philosophy, supports professionals in data driven technology organizations in the application of frameworks measured against compliance factors such as regulations to create actionable plans within technology while weighing intended business outcomes. It exposes learners to ethical principles and links them to global standards, regulations, and best practices based upon the principles and enables practitioners to critically analyze the best way to mitigate risk within the practicalities of a business environment.

“Emerging technologies like AI, the Internet of Things, and data science have the power to solve complex problems and shape the future of humanity,” said Betty Vandenbosch, Chief Content Officer at Coursera. “Education can help ensure this innovation is a force for good. We’re proud to partner with CertNexus to launch a new Professional Certificate to train and certify the next generation of ethical technologists.”

The CEET Professional Certificate is available as self-paced learning exclusively on Coursera. Individuals can enroll anytime and complete the CEET Professional Certificate  at their convenience. Once prepared individuals can take the CEET exam to validate their ability to apply ethics to technology solutions, and receive their CEET Certification.

Learn more about the CEET Professional Certificate here.


About CertNexus

CertNexus is a vendor-neutral certification body, providing emerging technology certifications and micro-credentials for Business, Data, Development, IT, and Security professionals. CertNexus’ mission is to assist in closing the emerging tech global skills gap while providing individuals with a path towards establishing rewarding careers in Cybersecurity, Data Science, Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning. To learn more about CEET go to https://certnexus.com/ceet.

About Coursera

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