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CertNexus Announces New Updates for CyberSAFE ‘19 Program


Rochester, NY – CertNexus, one of the leading IoT and cybersecurity certification developers, has announced the refresh of their popular CyberSAFE credential to include new standards for workplace compliance in IT.

Developed to meet the demand for non-technical employees who are required to use technology in the workplace, CyberSAFE helps ensure those who pass the exam have an understanding of the critical best practices to secure data and recognize potential cybersecurity threats before they happen.  

CyberSAFE has been updated for 2019 and includes new topics that relate to developing cybersecurity threats, as well as newly recognized phishing and social engineering data breach attempts.

Candidates who successfully complete the program will receive a CertNexus CBS-310 credential and have a well-rounded understanding of how they can protect their employer from technology-related risks and potential hacking breaches.

CyberSAFE ‘19 will be launched in February of 2019 with classes available online via CertNexus or through their 20+ Authorized Training Partners located around the world. Candidates who are interested in taking this certification can register by visiting

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CertNexus develops certifications for IT professionals which meet the most robust, rigorous development standards possible which outline a global framework for developing personnel certification programs. CertNexus partners with highly knowledgeable and talented industry experts during development to ensure the integrity and quality of each exam.

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For more information, connect with CertNexus at