Press Contact: Megan Brame-Finkelstein

Marketing Manager, CertNexus


CertNexus COO Joins California Technology Council Advisory Board


Rochester, NY – Megan Branch, Chief Operating Officer of CertNexus, has joined the Advisory Board for the California Technology Council to help promote better IT standards in the workplace.


Branch joined CertNexus in February 2018 as Chief Operating Officer to develop IoT, cybersecurity, and IT credentials for professionals who want to further their careers by certifying their skill sets in pioneering technology industries. Branch is at the helm of CertNexus’ production development and has been a critical component in the launch of leading certifications in the IoT industry, including Certified Internet of Things Practitioner (CIoTP), CyberSec First Responder (CFR), and the newly-launched IoTPRO.


The California Technology Council (CTC) is a compendium of innovators, thought leaders, and industry experts in the IT, AI, and technology industries who advocate career development and new business initiatives to preserve the state of California as a pioneer of supporting public policy and workforce development for the IT industry.


“Joining the CTC is a great fit, and I’m humbled to be included in such a wide array of industry leaders,” said Branch. “CertNexus strives to be at the forefront of developing workplace standards and certifications for new technologies, and I’m honored that our work has been recognized by such a prestigious organization. I look forward to developing new opportunities with the CTC and helping promote the need for both the public and private sectors to recognize the priority for creating policy that both embraces and promotes safer technology in our everyday lives.”


Branch and the CTC have committed to execute new career development opportunities (like the Women in Cyber initiative), as well as continue to advocate for education and workforce development in all forms of technology, application, systems, and infrastructure. More information can be found at




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