Press Contact: Megan Brame-Finkelstein

Marketing Manager, CertNexus


CertNexus Doubles Number of Authorized Training Provider for IT and Cybersecurity Certifications


Rochester, NY – CertNexus, one of the leading IoT and cybersecurity certification developers, has announced the doubling of number of centers that are offering their IoT and cybersecurity programs.


IoT and cybersecurity have taken a front seat in recent news, and securing end-user assets, whether IoT-enabled or not, is critical for any business. Training centers globally have taken on this challenge by offering standardized certifications that cover the spectrum of end-users, from non-technical to seasoned professionals by utilizing the programs offered by CertNexus. The CyberSAFE, Certified Internet of Things Professional, and newly-launched IoTPRO are the most popular, and are seeing new class launches every month.


“We’re very proud of the certifications we’ve developed,” says Megan Branch, Chief of Operations and Product Engagement at CertNexus, “and we’re glad to see them embraced in the marketplace. The more our world becomes connected, the higher the need for us to secure the sensitive data of companies and individuals, and our programs ensure that users of all experience levels can learn how to better protect themselves and their employers from cyber attacks.”


Classes are available virtually and in person at over 58 locations around the world. Candidates who are interested in finding a program near them can visit



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