Rochester, NY (PRUnderground) February 8th, 2022

CertNexus has launched their latest micro-credential designed for business leaders and stakeholders to demonstrate an understanding of ethical uses of data in business settings. Data Ethics for Business Professionals (DEBIZ) verifies that an individual can identify, explain, and document how organizations identify ethical principles and considerations, understand sources of risk, and explain how businesses create sustainable ethical decision-making processes. DEBIZ was developed by renowned data and AI ethicists including Shea Brown – BABL AI, Jordan Famularo – NYU, Kevin Fumai, Merve Hickok –, Seb Krier – Dataphysix Ltd, Christine Jakobson – University of Cambridge & Principia Advisory, Sundaraparipurnan Narayanan, and Ryan Welsh – Kyndi.

In the CapGemini’s ‘AI-and-the-Ethical-Conundrum-Report (2020)’ report, only 53% of organizations identified having a leader who is responsible for the organization’s ethics. This despite business leaders and stakeholders being increasingly held responsible for the use of customer’s data including whether algorithms can potentially propagate discrimination or bias.

The power of extracting value from data utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science exposes the learning differences between humans and machines. Humans can apply ethical principles throughout the decision-making process to avoid discrimination, societal harm, and marginalization to maintain and even enhance acceptable norms. Machines make decisions autonomously. DEBIZ provides business professionals and consumers of technology core concepts of ethical principles, how they can be applied to emerging data driven technologies such as AI, and the impact to an organization which ignores ethical use of technology.

“The ethical use of technology is a growing concern as we have seen across industries and society,” said Megan Smith Branch, Chief Product Officer and Certified Ethical Emerging Technologist (CEET). “With emerging technologies such as AI present in nearly all aspects of modern life, there is ample potential for upskilling and validating skills of the associated workforce – that’s exactly what we do. We aim to make professionals competitive in the realm of emerging tech and offer credentials that no one else is yet providing.”

DEBIZ is offered globally through CertNexus’ Authorized Training Partners, counting nearly 200 in over 50 countries (and virtual), and soon to be online self-paced. Upon the successful completion of the credentialing assessment, an individual will earn a DEBIZ micro-credential, validating their knowledge to apply ethics within technology.

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