Why We Don’t Ask How Much Data Can We Chuck

You may recall the childhood tongue twister – How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood. As a child, you most likely never explored an answer even though woodchucks are real animals, and they apparently could chuck wood if there was a need...

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Conventional vs Machine Learning Programming

When asked ‘what is the major difference between conventional programming and machine learning’, I always answer “it’s letting go of the rules”. What is meant by that is that conventional programming’s goal is to answer a problem using a defined set of rules. Whereas...

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Deciphering Data Job Roles

A decade ago, it was rather easy to understand your relationship to data. In most cases, you were either a database administrator, business analyst, or consumer of data. As a database administrator you ‘owned’ the system and how the data was structured and stored. As...

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