Given the general sense of insecurity in the world these days, CertNexus would like to recognize all the security teams working hard to keep our infrastructure safe while we venture into virtual workplaces and discover new apps to connect with one anotherAs we leverage these new apps and continually rely on the internet, we cannot forget all the work that developers and programmers do to maintain, fix, and release new pages, applications, system integrations and practically everything that we touch from a keyboard.  

During this time of reliance on technology, it is fitting that CertNexus releases an update to our Cyber Secure Coder (CSC-210certification program. CSC is the quiet genius in the CertNexus portfolio. It addresses the risks that reside in the building block for all systems: the code. Each line of code is like a thread that can be pulled and easily cause the fabric of our infrastructure to unravel. Cyber Secure Coder teaches and validates skills to integrate security practices into code development to eliminate vulnerabilities, protect data and maintain deployed software. 

The revamp aligns to the OWASP Top Ten with updated terminology, attack vector threats and security models to name a few.  The most notable changes in the CSC three-day course are the updated activities that rely on Python and Java Script as universal languages. The concepts practiced in these languages mirror the exam objectives and can easily be translated into other programming languages.  As a bonus the new exam is available online, via OnVUE, making it easier to stay on track with your learning path. CertNexus is also partnering with Logical Operations to offer asynchronous delivery of this course as well as a boot camp combining Python and CSC.

Details on these offerings are coming soon.

In the meantime – register for our upcoming webinar about CSC-210 and learn how the certification can benefit you or your company!