CES is a monolith in the world of tech, and every year more IoT-enabled devices enter the show floor. Our SME and partner Pete Vorenkamp hiked over to Las Vegas to give us a report on what exciting things he saw in IoT and what we can expect to see hit the marketplace soon:


CES and Internet of Things (IoT) Updates for 2019


  • Many of the exhibitors who were releasing new IoT-enabled ecosystems were creating their own branded IoT platform solution. Companies such as meShare were showcasing their own custom branded IoT platforms that utilized the Cloud for exciting new products.
  • 5G and Satellites tech vendors pushed a new promise of improved communications speeds, bandwidth, and geographic reach. New cube satellite capabilities to extend beyond cellular to help further enable the expansion of IoT. However, the spokespeople were quick to emphasize that this is still in the early stages and no concrete release dates have been announced.
  • Some vendors showing cybersecurity but consumer confidence still unsure regarding how safe IoT solutions are today
  • Expansion of IoT consumer appliances and wearables was evident at CES. Tech in the kitchen was a big hit drawing lots of attendees
  • More vendors showing sophisticated and expanding sensors to support IoT solutions
  • Healthcare IoT continues to accelerate and growing presence at CES


The best part of CES, though, is the endless opportunities it presents in the world of IoT and the promise of a new, connected future. Pete gave us his final thoughts that perfectly sum up all the reasons we invest so heavily in IoT certification, especially in the workplace:

“In years past, as IoT began to gain slow but steady momentum and still promising gaudy volume projections by industry analysts, I have watched the industrial sectors (IIoT) take the early lead in application and monetization of IoT.  However, my attendance at CES 2019 has also now confirmed the commercial and consumer markets are gaining acceleration with a massive presence this year compared to last year. Sectors such as Smart Cities, Health/Biotech and Smarthomes just to name a few are expanding solutions and capabilities. The tight relationship between IoT and  AI was also evident at CES confirming that these new IoT solutions will enhance capabilities beyond what most people can even imagine today! I left the trade show excited that we are finally seeing the acceleration of what will be a promising new technological capability for us all.” – Pete Vorenkamp – IoT Senior Business Consultant