IoT was once thought of as being a niche technology, and it was mostly startups that were concerned with its evolution, but now enormous enterprises rely on IoT to pave the way forward. IoT has already changed the ways that we work and live, but that’s nothing as compared to what is on the horizon, as these trends will demonstrate.


The 5G Revolution

For years, it has been surmised that 5G networks would one day make an appearance, and that day is coming soon as IoT will change in the face of a new breed of connectivity. The most significant difference in the 4G capabilities of the past and the 5G ones of the present and future will be in the way the managing, gathering, and analyzing of data will take place in real time. The IoT market will expand into areas where bandwidth speed and time will be all-important factors, and unrealized revenue will be unlocked. The Certified Internet Of Things Practitioner course offered by Certnexus will give you a better understanding of these concepts if you are you’re ready to take a deeper dive.


Automotive Business Models

Business models for the automotive industry is another place where IoT will be implementing wholesale change in the coming year. Vehicles are increasingly able to gather data and communicate with each other to inform the drivers of traffic backups and possible emergencies on the road to be avoided. Data-driven business models are going to move to the forefront of the auto industry, and that will be most evident through the appearance of OEMs. OEMs, or original equipment manufacturers, will be investing vast sums of money into various innovative startups that are intended to process and analyze data.


Smart Device Applications

Smart device applications are nothing new, as they have been around for years and have achieved penetration into virtually every aspect of society, with individuals of any age and from virtually every income level using them. However, in 2019, expect their use to increase exponentially, as manufacturing solutions, the hospitality industry, healthcare, transportation, and others begin to get in on the game.


The Big Players Will Throw Their Weight Around

It’s also worth noting that the best-known players in tech will be the ones who are most likely to throw more money at IoT, as Google, Microsoft, and AWS will all make their presence known. Big IoT platforms will battle for market share, while smaller players will focus on niche areas to survive, as they tackle industry-specific challenges and data movement.

IoT will also see changes in secure solutions, as experts will come out with new products to better protect the massive amounts of data that will be moving around. The aim will be to stamp out potential vulnerabilities, as with IoT increasing in so many areas, the thought that thieves might try to take advantage of some of it is also a growing concern.


It seems clear that 2019 could end up being a banner year for IoT, as more companies and industries see its ever-expanding potential. While it’s easy to predict certain areas where IoT is going to advance, what will be fascinating is seeing what unexpected innovations will provide the biggest shake-ups over the 12-month period that’s just begun.