Rochester, New York – Jan 8, 2019 – NC-Expert, a leading provider of instructor-led IT Certification Training, announces the addition of in-demand cybersecurity and IoT certifications to their public training schedule thanks to their new partnership with CertNexus.


As companies navigate within the fourth industrial revolution, multi-vendor solutions are the norm to provide best in class results for everything from customer experience to IT infrastructure. Whether it is a high-value innovation using an IoT solution or maintaining secure access to protect customer data through security protocols, it is the people responsible for maintaining and implementing the solutions that provide the greatest value and highest risk to an organization. As technology becomes the solution across all industries, the need for critical training standardizations is more crucial than ever.


CertNexus is committed to providing certification programs that ensure employees have best in class knowledge and skills to match their organization’s best in class technology solutions. Their certification programs in cybersecurity and IoT broaden an IT professional’s knowledge and validate skills using globally recognized curriculum and high stakes examinations.


Billions of dollars will be gained and lost in these areas over the next five years.  The IoT industry is on its way to becoming a $450 billion industry, according to Bain and Company, while the average cost of a cyber-attack on a company is $2.4 million (Accenture). For an organization to succeed in this environment, training and confirming skills is the best investment towards growth.


“With the increase in the use of IT services and cybersecurity threats to all organizations.  There is a growing need to create awareness and educate all personnel, we find CertNexus’ certifications are the best solution for employees in all organizations,” said Rie Vainstein, CEO.


“We’re thrilled to have NC-Expert as one of our most recent Authorized Training Partners,” said Christine Harper, CSO, CertNexus.  “We’ve developed courses and certifications that offer standardizations in the world of data security and IoT, and the fact that NC-Expert has expanded their offerings to include our courses further exemplifies the necessity to certify skill sets such as these. We’re excited to join forces and utilize their expansive network of locations to make this possible.”

Training dates and more information can be found on the  NC-Expert website:


About: NC-Expert was established in 2011, in Silicon Valley California and is a consortium of industry experts in multiple IT fields, including Wireless, Security, and Collaboration. NC-Expert (also known as NetCertExpert, Inc.) is a trusted IT certification training partner for several very well-known vendors and regularly provides training to corporate clients and US government departments, as well as to individual engineers. Over the years, NC-Expert has helped thousands of its students gain industry certifications and enhance their careers.


About CertNexus

Based in Rochester, NY, CertNexus develops certifications for IT professionals that meet the most robust, rigorous development standards possible. CertNexus partners with highly knowledgeable and talented industry experts during development to ensure the integrity and quality of each exam. CertNexus offers a growing portfolio of critical data certifications such as CertNexus’ Certified Internet of Things Practitioner (CIoTP), CyberSecure Coder (CSC) and assessments including CertNexus’ Certified CyberSAFE. For more information, connect with CertNexus at