Cybersecurity is more vital than ever, as there are few companies that don’t have critical data stored about their employees and customers that they need to protect. That’s why many businesses are hiring consultants in this area who can take a look at their networks and assess any possible vulnerabilities. Just as with any hire that you make, though, there are questions that you’ll want to ask to determine how qualified each potential candidate is. Here are some of the ones that should be included in any interview as you attempt to narrow down the choices.

Have You Worked with Similar Businesses to Ours, and What Were the Results?

You don’t want a neophyte cybersecurity consultant to take over a vital role with your company; instead, you want someone with quite a bit of previous experience on which to draw. When you talk to them, they should be able to give you multiple examples of businesses similar to yours with which they have had working relationships, and they should provide you with contact information for some of those companies. To fully complete your due diligence, you should reach out to some of them and get an assessment of this individual’s past work.


Have You Ever Dealt with a Cyber Attack?

It’s great if someone has certifications detailing all that they’ve learned in the realm of cybersecurity, like the CyberSAFE program offered by CertNexus, but it’s one thing to learn about how to handle a cyber attack and another to deal with one in real time. Inquire as to whether they have ever faced such a situation with a previous client, and speak to them about what steps they took to make that client’s network secure again.


What is Your Specific Plan to Make Our Network More Secure?

No two networks are exactly alike, and each one is sure to present unique challenges that the best candidate should be prepared to overcome. Your cybersecurity consultant should be able to give you explicit details about what they’ll do if you hire them. The plan might include building a culture that is cyber-smart through ongoing education of your staff and implementing policies among your employees that will make for a safer online environment.


Is There One Simple Solution for Our Cybersecurity?

The answer to this question is no, and if your candidate answers in the affirmative, then that is a strong indication that they’re not the expert that they claim to be. Cybersecurity is complex and multifaceted, a combination of several safeguards and policies all working in tandem. It is also constantly evolving, even as the threats posed by hackers change with the times. If your candidate does not understand this and suggests some one-size-fits-all miracle cure for your cybersecurity needs, then you should move to the next name on the list.  


The ideal candidate for your cybersecurity position should be a combination of professional, well trained, and even-tempered. They should have not only the certifications but also the right attitude so that you will have no qualms about working with them daily.