It’s safe to say that the Internet of Things has already and will continue to revolutionize the world of technology as we know it. By leveraging network connections to facilitate communication between devices and systems, the IoT is already allowing businesses to deploy smart, enhanced practices to improve their current operating procedures.


The following are just a few examples of the impact that the Internet of Things has made in nearly all industries, and how it will continue to grow.


  • Process Monitoring – When business owners are able to accurately measure their data, they are able to find areas where improvements can be made. While companies in fields such as manufacturing are already highly regulated, the Internet of Things allows for areas such as office work and operations to be better monitored. Sensors and wearable devices allow for the monitoring of individuals to record information. When fully adopted by a company, these sensors give companies the data and analytics required to leverage their current operations to see where productivity can be enhanced and costs can be cut.
  • Big Data – Big data has already grown exponentially since the early days of IoT, but it will continue to create entirely new classes of findings and analytics for companies. This is applicable for industries across the board and allows for previously nontrackable areas of business to be monitored.
  • Customer Engagement – Smart products are already allowing consumers to interact and control things by using network connections and the Internet, but they can now be used to provide support and monitor products for companies. This means that a device could proactively alert the user and the company that something is going to fail, which allows for repairs to be scheduled before it is too late. This is incredibly useful for car manufacturers, security system companies, and many other types of businesses.
  • Embedded Devices – The evolution of devices with added smart technologies added to them to products specifically built for the Internet of Things has already been and will continue to be transformative. Modules can be designed to fit the specific IT conditions of products and allow for the creation of devices that are designed to include information technology from the get-go instead of just as an added bonus.
  • Automation – Automated services have already become invaluable services for many different industries. For example, IoT sensors can be placed on delivery vehicles and packages to allow for the tracking of cargo, improved package transport, and creates visible supply chains.


Internet of Things technology has already spurred a huge positive shift in the companies of today and it will continue to revolutionize things in the future. Is your business ready for it?


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