Technology, as it emerges, is disruptive. Organizations that can maximize emerging technology’s potential and minimize disruption will benefit from the incredible financial opportunity. We have seen this with technology giants such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. Their success is not dependent upon massive infrastructure and budgets but their ability to create a technology culture within their organizations. Creating a culture of technology is about four simple concepts.

  • Build a strong base at the strategic level by developing technically informed leaders.
  • Level set team knowledge by incorporating a common language.
  • Use assessments to identify skills and knowledge gaps within your organization.
  • Educate and validate skills for all levels within the organization.

As the global purveyor of vendor-neutral, emerging technology certifications and micro-credentials, CertNexus understands that the success of an organization depends upon all its people. We build certifications and micro-credentials for your entire staff encompassing three essential concepts: Think. Build. Secure.

THINK: empower decision-makers, executives and project managers to lead, design and put emerging technology into practice.

BUILD: expand IT and development professionals’ skills to create and implement innovative solutions.

SECURE: extend IT and cybersecurity professionals’ competencies to protect your investments.

Each level offers a comprehensive vendor-neutral approach with assessment, training, and credential or certification across CertNexus’ current technology portfolios of Cybersecurity, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.

For more information about our certifications, click here. And make sure you take a peek at our certification roadmap below to help you decide the best course for you.

certification roadmap